SERVICE บริการ

ทีซีพี มีการบริการครอบคลุมเกี่ยวกับรถยกอย่างครบวงจร

TCP technicians have years of experience and can service nearly any type and brand of forklift. From simple repairs to complete overhauls, we can have your forklift up and running again.

TCP provide you with the forklift rental (capacity 2.5 - 15 ton) for daily and monthly period depends on your requirements (with or without operators). Our operators are all certified by Department of Skill Development. 

TCP offer inspection service package for forklifts operated in  your factory and warehouse. Our certified engineers could provide you forklift certificate of safety.

TCP provide the comprehensive training programs for your forklift operators with the foundational skills to become involved with logistics and material handling in a variety of work environments.


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